'Always happy to bleed for the Winchesters.'

19 Oct

Me & Melissa with Zac in New Haven.  Kinda wicked getting a pic with Zac two days in a row, I have to admit.  ;o)  Though in this picture, for some reason, I look like I’m twelve years old.  Ugh.  Also, the first picture… the flash wasn’t’ working, so we thought the picture wasn’t being taken, when in reality a version of the first photo was taken four times(LOL).  So Zac being Zac, he had his arm slung around my shoulder, took my camera and said “We need to put it on the au-toooo(auto).”  Then the flash worked and the second picture happened. 

Right before this, I managed say to Zac, “You know, I traveled 13 hours from Ottawa, Ontario on a Greyhound bus to be here for this week.”  His eyebrows shot straight up and he says “13 hours????  Damn, girl!”  The way he said it, I was laughing so hard.  Zac freaking rocks. 

I know I’m a bit delayed on my Hanson stuff from that week, but I’m currently suffering from bronchitis, and I get super-tired easily.  I had to finally post this up though.  Was anyone else on Tumblr there when he was yelling at everyone to “Get on the frikin’ sidewalk!!”  He said he wasn’t going to sign or take pics with anyone who was walking on the street, lol.  He’s kind of awesome.  ;o)

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